I need help with rent or else I go bankrupt

Written by fayt
2012-11-04 11:32:30

Hello everyone,

I hate to ask people for money, but I am in a bind right now. I own a sign company and have been in business for over two years. While I am being very successful and making a profit. I still have a loan and some bills to take care of. I have to be out of my space in May 2013. If I renew it, I won't make it because I am confined in a very little space which is only 867 sq. ft. It is on the second floor without any parking area.

I've been searching for three months for spaces and everything is extremely high rent. I've finally came across the perfect space that can double or even triple my business. It's 2,050 sq. ft. and has everything I need. It's near downtown and has lots of parking.

I am currently paying $650 a month, and the new place would be $1,800 a month. With my current bills and loan, I'd be lucky if I could break even.

I am asking for your help so I can build up about 5 - 6 months rent to adjust to the new place, advertise and be successful.
If I don't move, I'll most likely go bankrupt. I have jobs all over the floor, a bad location, no parking, etc. I've outgrown the space I'm currently in.



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