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"Drowning in debt, struggling to make ends meet, terrified of being out of a job, currently unemployed, or worried about getting by in today's economy?"

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Drowning in debt, struggling to make ends meet, terrified of being out of a job, currently unemployed, or worried about getting by in today's economy?

Cyberbegging, online begging, or internet panhandling is the online version of traditional begging or panhandling, asking strangers for money to meet immediate and other needs - money, food, shelter, help with bills, bad finances, or just about anything.

BegsList is one of the only FREE cyberbegging and online panhandling sites that offers a way for unfortunate people in need to practice online begging and great donation website for Good Samaritans to give to those who need it. Online and Internet begging has the clear advantage to in-person begging and panhandling on the street because it can be practiced with relative anonymity, thereby eliminating or reducing the shame and embarrassment with begging in public.

BegsList not only allows for FREE online begging and Internet panhandling, but BegsList also contains very useful information and helpful resources to help you get back on your feet. Free Credit Reports, Cash Loans, Debt Help, Debt Consolidation, Credit Repair, Bad Credit/No Credit - Credit Cards, and more!

Express yourself by posting your cyber begging story by going to "Post a Beg" at the top to receive donations or if you are in a giving mood, donate or spare a dollar to the stories that touch your heart!

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Posted by crazygirlneedshelp on 2014-04-04 04:44:38

Hi, I'm in desperate need I recently was driving home, and I swirved to avoid a object in the road, and I hit a light pole, my car is drivable, although the air bag came out, and the wind shield is cracked, its my only means of getting a way to find a job. I need to get my car from orange impound they will put my car in the junk yard if I don't get it in 7 days. IM DESPERATE!!!! please help me & my son. Its five hundred DOLLARS AS OF yesterday PLEASE I LOST MY JOB, I'm currently staying with a friend and desperetly need the car to get back to financial freedom, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! anything will help..!!!

Nowhere else to go!

Posted by crazyzmallay on 2014-04-18 12:11:42

I dont know what to do. My husband and I, along with our son and dog, have been trying to get back on our feet since hurricane sandy but since we are renters and didnt have renters insurance we lost everything. The only thing that we had left was my 14 year old car that is so far gone I wont be able to inspect or register it (due to head gasket needed amongst other things) and the inspection was up two months ago. Ive already gotten 2 tickets which I cannot afford to pay as it would have to be taken from our rent money. We have no family or friends to help. We have tried getting loans but we are just establishing credit so everyone tells us having no credit is worse than bad credit. I dont understand that. I dont know what else to do. If anyone knows where a woman working a full time AND a part time job can go for a loan for 5 thousand dollars that can be paid back weekly PLEASE HELP and let me know. We need the money for a cheap but a reliable car and to replace some of the items we lost to the hurricane. Our home was located on the bay in lindenhurst so we got an immense amount of damage (including losing my husbands car to the flooding). I will never forget having to swim 6 blocks with my husband, son and dog so we can evacuate the town after being stuck in our home for 3 days. We didnt have heat or hot water for several months. I thought I lost all hope at that time but I feel the same way now. We are renting a room with a twin bed (yes, we share a twin bed, oh and I neglected to mention this all happened just a few months after I had 2 discs removed from my spine due to a car accident) and have been actively searching for an apartment that allows a dog. Any advice or help I would be greatful for. Im at the point where I am desperate. Thank you for your time.

A Happy and Healthy Life

Posted by Stephcliff on 2014-04-18 14:40:13

My name is Stephanie. I’m hoping there is a kind and generous person or person’s that can help me. All my life I’ve struggled with health issues of severe depression and anxiety as well as reoccuring ulcerated colitis. Until recently I’ve been able to control both with proper medication living happy and healthy but the new health care law has caused me to lose my Medicaid (I’ve been unemployed for over 2 years). I’m 27 living at home with my parents in Missouri. They try to help me out but dad works for a charitable organization and only gets paid enough to get by while my mother is does not work because of her poor health.
Unable to pay for my prescriptions I’m now back to being depressed and anxious all the time and my UC is acting up again. My depression, anxiety and poor health keeps me from getting accepted for jobs and utlimately reaching my goals which is to one day get a job in a vet clinic and work with sick animals. I’m a devote Christian and know that God is watching over me and will give me strength to go on.
All I need is enough money to help cover my monthly medications allowing me to feel normal again and have the strength and desire to be a kind and contributing individual. I would appreciate anything you can give, and even more, your prayers. God bless you and thank you for reading my page.

I need to pay business dept 32 thousand

Posted by Businesstrouble on 2014-03-27 11:32:33

I pay this company 500$ a month and its never enough...they might take 18 thousand to settle..I will make payments to who ever can help me...I need them gone, and never again will I fall in this trap again.
Thank you and trying hard..Tommy

Help paying rent.

Posted by kmj525 on 2014-04-11 05:40:25

I am a single parent of 2 teenagers and I have always worked two jobs to survive. I recently injured my foot and at to take 6-8 weeks off from my second job. I have pretty much used my regular job paycheck and all my saving to stay a head but I gave used it all and still have a couple more weeks to go. It has been hard getting assistant since this is temporary. My rent is 921 per month and I could use any help that is offered.Something is better than Nothing.

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